What You Can Expect at a Night Visions Toastmasters Meeting


Whether you need to hone your presentation skills for school, work or social events—or to learn to tell stories more effectively—this is the right place!

There’s nothing quite like the safe and supportive environment of a Night Vision Toastmasters meeting to develop your ability to both prepare strong material and speak off the cuff in a confident and effective manner, whether at your work, school or in your social life. You’ll be sure to impress at your next a job interview, Q&A session, media scrum or wedding toast.


Every club has its own personality and spin on the Toastmasters meeting. But take a look at this video to see how a typical toastmasters meeting is like!


At Night Vision Toastmasters, meetings take place each Thursday evening from 7pm – 9pm in two parts – prepared speeches in the first half, and intermission, and impromptu speeches in the second half. Each meeting is lead by one of our members in the role Toastmaster.

In the first half of the meeting, the Toastmaster introduces the theme of the evening with a prepared talk on the subject, and several members are invited to present the roles they will play to help all members get the most out of the meeting to keep the meeting on time.

We then move on to the prepared speeches from up to 3 of our members. Each of these speeches are usually 5-7 minutes in length, and cover a wide range of topics. They are often funny, informative, inspirational, and moving. Each speech is then evaluated by a member of the club, offering all members an opportunity to learn and grow.

After an intermission, an ideal time to chat and get to know one another, the second half of the meeting begins. The Toastmaster continues their prepared talk, expanding upon the theme of the evening.

Members are then given the chance to deliver impromptu speeches, normally up to 2 minutes in length, developing their ability to speak off the cuff in a confident and effective manner. Willing guests that wish to participate may be given the chance to give it a go, as well. A member of the club will then give a brief evaluation of each impromptu speech, offering valuable feedback that aids all members. There is even an award at the end for the favourite speech!

Rounding out the second half is an evaluation, often by an advanced member of the club, of anyone with a speaking role how hasn’t already been evaluated during the evening. This is another opportunity for all members to witness the art of positive and constructive feedback. The meeting then closes with any club business, including welcoming new members!

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